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59. Cushing

PERSON: adult man.
DESCRIPTION: cluster headache since thirty years, refractory to drugs; smoking; Cushing's syndrome caused by a hypophysis dysfunction (consequences: significant overweight, high blood pressure, irritability); diagnosed as 'incurable', overweight of 20 kg.
APPROACH: acceptance of his mild hostility and low expectancies; trance presence denied by the subject despite an evident amnesia for trance events; experiment repetition with the same result; desire to continue with this "absurd game"; central idea of an engine that does too many revolutions, so the hypophysis must lift the foot from the pedal; hallucinatory training in order to visualize the hypophysis-adrenal axis that must be narrowed progressively.
RESULT: more calm even after the first session; seen more quiet by friends and acquaintances; engine (initial value: 100) working at 90-80 after the 2nd session, at 50-40 after the 3rd session, and at 40-30 after the 5th session; voluntary beginning of a diet; bowel more normal and with less diarrhea.
UPDATE (7 months): constant weight loss, "a kilogram after another"; extreme satisfaction.

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