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57. Obsessions

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: fight since thirteen years against his obsessive thoughts; maniacal, repetitive, endless controls; drugs not only useless but even harmful (body weight increased about 30 kg); deep depression and anxiety; crises of tears, marital problems; stress, psoriasis, transpiration, paresthesias, colitis, low mood.
APPROACH: example of the driver's hypnosis, where the automatic pilot works better than the conscious control; subject's reaction, like a liberating shock: "my god, I didn't know.. sorry [tears], so I can 'not-control'! [Cry, then euphoria]. Then I don't have to control, because in any case the unconscious controls even better!". Utilization of hypnosis in order to develop an artificial uncertainty where the emotion destroys the reason (secondary experimental neurosis, in the attempt to disassemble the primary neurosis); auto-hypnotic training from the 5th session on; further 8 sessions for a radical aggression against the residual obsession.
RESULT: mental grinder greatly reduced since the beginning; good ability to block the obsessive need to control; good mood; psoriasis in continuous decline.
UPDATE (2 years): all right.

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