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56. Attempted suicide

PERSON: girl (about 20 years old).
DESCRIPTION: self-injuries with razor blades and lighted cigarettes, several hospitalizations in psychiatry, many episodes of coma caused by too much alcohol; bulimia; anorexia; psoriasis; endless self-aggressions and attempts to kill herself; assumption of cocaine, heroine, crack; suicidal jump from the third floor of a building (miraculous survival); cure attempted even by an exorcist; family in complete despair; situation out of control; subject confined into a psychiatric jail; diagnosis of borderline condition; subject's request to receive explanations about that diagnosis; my promise to find a complete answer.
APPROACH: explanation of the term 'borderline', as promised: "it means that you are F.60.31 according to the DSM-IV, or 301.83 according to the ICD-10. (What does it mean?). Nothing, absolutely nothing. Just crap. Just numbers. But you are not a number. You are a person. What does matter is what you can do as a person"; deep emotional reaction to these words; strong desire to know what has reduced her in that state; induction of a hypnotic phenomenon chosen by the subject (she chose anesthesia); immediate hypnoanalysis during the 2nd session; intense abreactions; deep urge to resolve; protective training through hypnotic amnesia in order to inhibit whatever bad recall; hypnotic strengthening of the ego in the 3rd session; work around the morbid fear to socialize.
RESULT: sleep without nightmares, collapse of alcohol dependence; mood a lot more stable; her decision to get rid of drugs: "you know, in less than a month I have taken away everything: prozac, zoloft, en, entomin, tavor, talofen, all that shit [sorry.. subject's words, not mine!], and I had to fight against doctors"; free to leave the institute after the 4th session; relocation into a little independent apartment; "reached a third of the entire path" after the 5th session; basal anxiety stably halved; beginning of a part-time job; enrollment at a driving school in order to get a driving licence; 10th and last session for a general strengthening.
UPDATE (3 years): temporary support for a severe dissociative crisis during a relationship which caused loss of the identity and deep terror; crisis rapidly overcome by her; driving exam failed; hypnotic support for another attempt; driving exam passed (license got); psoriasis almost disappeared completely.

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