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55. Inadequacy

PERSON: mature woman.
DESCRIPTION: problem unsolved despite seven years of psychotherapy in a public health center, followed by several psychological sessions; oppressing feeling of inadequacy, insomnia, headaches, quarrels with the husband.
APPROACH: shock technique (subject very religious, extremely polite, rather rigid); "listen to me; you speak in a very technical way, like a good psychologist, but my competence is just about hypnosis, so now I will talk to you in my own way; is that agreeable for you? (Yes). Tell me, aren't you fed up to have only obligations and no pleasures? How long is it since you made sex?"; subject frozen in the chair, then just saying: "bravo!". My reply: "bravo, then continue to stay there, where you are now, close your eyes, search privately all the pleasures that you have taken away from yourself in all these years, and don't think to anything else than that"; her comment after a lot of time spent in silence while waving an arm in midair: "I have slept a little, well, no, I can tell it at least to you.. I have done a trip into my mind, do you know? And you were following me perfectly, as if you knew.. [face turned red, head bending down]. It has been a work of great union".
RESULT: intense hypnotic orgasm during the session, awakening of intense pleasures in the next days; agitated and insomniac, but without tachycardia nor feelings of desperation; renewal of sexual activity with her husband; personality adjustment after the 3rd session; more elasticity in her lifestyle.
UPDATE (1 year): learning stable and well used.

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