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52. Chronic fear

PERSON: adult girl.
DESCRIPTION: disturbed emotions and behavior after a sexual abuse inflicted by her very violent father; terror of men; endless anxiety since twelve years; 18 months of psychological sessions but without results; more than ten sessions of psychotherapy in a public mental health center, but in vain; six months of drugs without any benefit.
APPROACH: hypnosis against the fear to go far from home; hallucination of a travel mate in her car.
RESULT: fear down to 70% after the 2nd session, to 50% after the 3rd session, and to 35% after the 4th session; concomitant increase of her anger during the 5th session, and reduction of the basal anxiety down to 10% after the 6th session; trip in a motorway without escorts after the 8th and last session.
UPDATE (6 months): fear reduced to a minimum.

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