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50. Trauma

PERSON: adult man.
DESCRIPTION: normal life upset by a traumatic event; complete unwillingness to be seen by physicians or psychologists; firm claim of being perfectly healthy and without need of any therapy; very authoritarian request to get back his normal motivation within a single hypnotic session.
APPROACH: conditions accepted; "all right, I accept the task. I don't need to know anything else, because from now on you must engage yourself in doing the whole work in your own way. Do whatever I tell you in order to develop a suitable trance. There will be no questions nor explanations nor suggestions nor discussions, because we have too little time. Get ready to work, and hypnosis will work by itself"; direct, immediate request to produce some simple hypnotic phenomena; excellent results; very rapid trance deepening; suggestion to fix the whole thing immediately and at an unconscious level.
RESULT: very satisfactory outcome; "the problem is solved".
UPDATE (1 month): all right; family relationships still problematic, but "that's my business, I can do it".

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