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49. Terror

PERSON: adult girl.
DESCRIPTION: nervous breakdown after sudden, multiple griefs; fear of the dark and of death; startling awakenings; post-traumatic disturbances; strange subject's insistence on the exact dates of the deaths of her loved relatives.
APPROACH: good trance since the beginning; repeated usage of a counting without certain digits (corresponding to certain important dates), in the attempt of suggesting covertly an unconscious elaboration of her griefs; usage of mathematical and geometric paradoxes in order to indirectly induce a trance during the second session; intense hypnotic inhibition of movements, sight completely fogged.
RESULT: feeling of an unusual calmness; sciatic nerve no longer painful; end of those frightening thoughts about death; fear of the dark disappeared after the 4th session; ability to sleep with the light turned off.
UPDATE (2 months): definitely better quality of life.

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