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47. Denture

PERSON: old man.
DESCRIPTION: unbearable stress because of a denture; intense personality reactions of anger, actual problems since one year with that denture; weight loss, nausea, transpiration, tremors, insomnia caused by anxiolytic drugs (frequent nocturnal urination), evident depression and anxiety, drugs ineffective.
APPROACH: normal induction prevented by subject's endless and aggressive speaking; indirect induction in the following way: "you are in trouble since one year for that denture.. you are here just to please your family.. because you don't find a solution [this makes his presence significant], and you have a growing need to feel better [first true hypnotic suggestion; client already mute, immobile, gazing on me].. and you have not found yet a remedy to all of this.. and your fear is getting out of control.. and you are worsening.. do you agree that only a new way to react can restore your peace?"; subject's agreement; suggestion to awaken while always keeping in mind this (and his) idea; strengthening hypnosis during the second session.
RESULT: ability to keep the denture in mouth all night long for the first time; better sleep, reduced oppression; end of his crises of tears; change seen as 'enormous' by the subject.
UPDATE (6 months): all right; information received from his physician.

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