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45. Paranoia

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: endless, intense anxiety, refractory to any therapy (psychology, drugs, psychiatry, psychotherapy); feeling of imbecility, fears, destabilization, loss of control; delirious paranoia of being followed and having her mobile phone under control; crises of tears, suicidal thoughts; filled with drugs.
APPROACH: extremely cautious induction; fast deepening; feeling of "stopped brain", mental freedom (very pleasurable); sight stopped at her wrists (inability to see her fingers); intense interest for these negative hallucinations about her hands; deep mental and physical quietness; suggestive insistence from my part on the advantages to utilize this favorable condition; subject's unexpected confession of serious traumata and violence within her family; unwillingness to continue her work; one session.
RESULT: generation of an extraordinary state of calmness; learning apparently very stable.
UPDATE (1 month): very good general improvement.

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