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44. Failures

4th REPORT. Woman operated on a leg, melancholic, alone; problems in the back, very depressed and impatient. Hypnotic reduction of the pain down to 10%; her comment: "unbelievable.. at home I have to lean against the table with my arms otherwise I'm not able to stand up, and I feel a lot of pain; but now I have been able to stand up almost without any effort, and without pain". Two weeks later, a friend of her phoned to me in order to cancel the appointment. Vain attempts of the physician to convince the patient to see me again. 3rd REPORT. Boy, rigid and blocked, but also authoritarian; diagnosis of serious maladjustments, anxiety, depression, acute psychosis, delirium, hallucinations, ideas of being persecuted, influenced, and robbed of his thoughts; "acute and dramatic condition certainly caused by traumatic experiences; despite therapies, the condition is worsening". Hospitalizations, electroshocks, drugs, but no results. Preliminary evaluation of the subject in my office, definite feeling that there is a way to help the patient; instructions to the parents in order to prepare their son for the work; request to inform the psychiatrist about my plan; absurd opposition of that psychiatrist, his unwillingness even to receive a phone call from me; patient less and less available and then lost, despite a good opportunity (in my opinion) to reduce the problem. 2nd REPORT. Adult girl with an unbearable pruritus in her anus; problem refractory to every therapy (surgery, creams, pills, drops, local injections, hospitalizations, medical treatments of any kind). Evident presence of psychiatric and psychosomatic elements behind the dermatological problem; pruritus extended to the vagina, scratching as satisfactory as an orgasm; sexual activity almost absent. Hypnotic decrease of the pruritus down to the 30%; hypnotic demonstration of the immediate increase of the pruritus through the utilization of the emotions; subject's furious and aggressive reaction to the procedure; complete unwillingness to continue. 1st REPORT. Man with a very reactive nervous system (eruptive fevers, stomatitis, ophtalmitis, tensional pain, lumbar and sciatic pain, spine arthrosis, neuro-immunological disturbances, skin rushes, aphtha, etc.) and traumatic experiences (suicidal mother, serious accidents, son handicapped and died, nervous breakdown). Hypnotic evidence of an emotional component in the symptoms; refusal to work for a symptom alleviation; persistency in complaining about his destiny; end of the hypnotic work.

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