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43. Intense anxiety

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: lack of order and self-control; nervous hunger; unstable memory; nail biting up to bleeding.
APPROACH: hypnosis apparently unsatisfactory, but actually effective; deeper trance within the 2nd session; subject's reference to herself in male terms [she used the Italian term 'spettatore', which indicates a male spectator, while a female spectator is called 'spettatrice']; psychological shock at the 6th session, when I had her notice this; sudden discovery of the actual problem: her family; 7th and last session of work.
RESULT: hypnosis difficult and light at the beginning, but then rapidly deeper and deeper down to very satisfactory somnambulism; fog in the vision, total inability to see me and the office; immediate utilization through a guided production of hallucinations with her eyes open (a very surprising experience for her, because she felt perfectly awake). Basal anxiety ended, apparently thanks to the comment about that word, 'spectator'.
UPDATE (1 month): all right; no need of further hypnosis.

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