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42. Borderline bipolar

PERSON: boy.
DESCRIPTION: generalized anxiety "since an entire life", feelings of inadequacy, bipolar problem handled by drugs; drugs ineffective but necessary to avoid hallucinations; psychiatric diagnosis of borderline, treatment with anti-psychotic drugs; oppressed by serious paranoia and depression; psychotherapy poorly beneficial and insufficient; anxiety constantly worsening.
APPROACH: medium trance, unexpected flashes about infancy; change in the voice, spontaneous regression to a school situation where he undergoes a humiliation from a teacher, and I become one of his schoolmates; further details unavailable because of a deep trance from my part, too; complete amnesia in both of us; session lasted about 75 minutes; no time to recover hypnotically the events; second and last session with an anxiety level decreased from 10 to 1.
RESULT: sound diminution of symptoms; very good improvement.
UPDATE (3 months): email message about good health, serenity, and a spontaneous smoking cessation.

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