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41. Apathetic isolation

PERSON: adult man.
DESCRIPTION: difficulties in relationships probably because of an unfortunate infancy; diurnal sleep used as a shield and isolation from the world; lack of self-esteem; risk to lose his partner, irritated by this chronic situation; two years of psychology and psychoanalysis, but without results.
APPROACH: hypnotic work on the 'inner clocks' of sleep and activity; unexpected abreactions during hypnosis; hypnoanalysis from the 2nd session; dreams focused on a feeling of abandon; deep trance of total isolation within the 3rd session (no answers to my questions).
RESULT: social isolation reduced down to a 30% at the 3rd session; built the ability to say 'no' to others; growing of the personality, enthusiasm never present before.
UPDATE (1 year): life completely changed; better relationships with his relatives and also his wife.

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