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39. Severe trauma

PERSON: X (omitted for safety).
DESCRIPTION: oppression, anguish, panic after a terrible event, with the risk to be killed by secret services, being a witness of a scandal (illicit facts) involving some members of the Government.
APPROACH: normal hypnosis, progressively extended up to a deep trance, with positive hallucinations (with the eyes open) about the traumatic facts; total inability to see me in movement across the office or while gesticulating in front of the subject, but, for the rest, complete subject's appearance of being fully awake and responsive like a normal person engaged in a conversation; suggestion to put those things in the cellar or in the garret, and then forget them completely.
RESULT: nocturnal sleep normal again, panic attacks disappeared completely, general well-being, optimal quality of life.
UPDATE (1 year): no relapses; all right.

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