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38. Psoriatic arthritis

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: oppressive articular pain since about fifteen years; limited movements with the right arm, left knee swollen and extremely painful during movements; extensive orthopedic and rheumatologic screening; no liquid effusion into the knee; articulations well conserved; femur distal epiphysis intra-rotated, patella in external iper-pressure, articular spaces reduced over the knee, light arthrosis in the sacrum-iliac area; normal temporomandibular joint.
APPROACH: generic, non oriented hypnotic training; appearance of a sudden, intense nervousness; symptomatic alleviation.
RESULT: complete end of any pain, sudden return of the ability (lost since a long time) to bend the leg and to sit on it (an almost unbelievable experience for the subject); realization of the psychosomatic nature of the symptoms, but complete unwillingness to work on them; fear to change.
UPDATE (1 month): information received from a family member; pain disappeared for an entire week; very intense impulse, during the session, to hit me (a phenomenon of a complete transference), but not put in action because of a complete and spontaneous inability to move her body; slow but definite return of symptoms within a month. Subject unavailable for further work.

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