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36. Panic

PERSON: adult woman.
DESCRIPTION: anxiety out of control after a grief; psychotherapy ineffective; drugs useless; "life broken into pieces since more than ten years".
APPROACH: respect of the fact that the subject needed more than one year of efforts in order to find the courage to meet me in my office despite the insistence of her physician; giant prejudices against hypnosis; request to enter in a trance while staying perfectly awake; strong bodily catalepsy; subject's amazement for her extraordinary immobility despite her anxiety; sequential abreactions of many emotional traumata; extreme fatigue and dullness.
RESULT: disappearance of emesis after the first session; calmness more and more stable; nocturnal dreams no longer awful but normal or beautiful.
UPDATE (5 months): gradual interruption of drugs, general calmness, good mood.

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