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33. Whistle intolerance

PERSON: male child (10 years).
DESCRIPTION: sudden and ferocious intolerance of uncle's whistles; referred by the psychiatrist to the psychologist; 30 useless sessions; 5 ineffective sessions with a neuropsychiatrist; about 20 useless sessions with a psychotherapist within the public health service; symptom worsening during that year.
APPROACH: subject definitely unavailable for other therapeutic attempts; I presented myself as a non-therapist; immediate interest of the subject toward hypnosis; deep trance within few minutes, reduction of the intolerance from 100% to 30%; subject's request to come for a second session in order to get himself rid of the 95% of the problem; second and last session, rapid somnambulistic trance.
RESULT: subject's expression of an absolute certainty of having solved the problem.
UPDATE (3 months): problem completely solved.

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