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27. ESP in classroom

PERSONS: two students employed in class for teaching purposes. SETTING: hypnotic training in classroom; unexpected development of psychic phenomena of extra-sensorial perception (ESP). EVENTS: experiment of mass hypnosis with the whole class in order to show the unconscious learning of scientific data given during the trance; persistence in trance of two students (A, a man, and P, a woman), despite the awakening procedure; immediate utilization of P by assigning her the task of hypnotizing A; job done; P's comment: "I think that I have done a good job; the only strange thing is that I wanted to employ the hand levitation technique, but for some unknown reason I have used instead the eye closure method"; A's comment: "oddly, I felt myself telling within me: 'no, no, I do not want to levitate my hand', but P has never asked to me to levitate my hand, because she asked the eye closure"; my explanation is this: P thinks to levitation, A picks up the idea and rejects it unconsciously, but P picks up that refusal, and selects another technique; P's eyes were open, but A's eyes has been always closed. If this is not ESP, then how can it be explained?

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