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26. Painful knee

PERSON: mature woman.
DESCRIPTION: fibromyalgia, painful articular problems in the right hip (coxofemoral cartilage not homogeneous and reduced, femur-tibial condropathy) and in the left knee (effusion into the articular cavity, Baker's cists 4x1 cm, reduced articular cartilage, parameniscal reactive synovitis, kneecap in external iper-pressure); hiatus hernia, gastric reflux, neurasthenia, rage, chronic fatigue.
APPROACH: hypnosis only for the knee, as requested by the subject; medium-deep trance; training for a better physiological control.
RESULT: substantial improvement after just four sessions, disappearance of the swelling and the effusions into the knee, better ability to walk, nerves a lot more calm.
UPDATE (3 months): knee in good conditions, painless walk.

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