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25. Epilepsy

PERSON: child (almost adolescent).
DESCRIPTION: convulsive crises with hospitalization, diagnosis of an epileptic focus in the right temple; nocturnal tension (very severe), transpiration, tremors out of control, clenched teeth, foam from the mouth, sensorial abnormalities; physical prostration, headache in the morning, total amnesia for the attack; EEG with modest anomalies in the occipital region; final diagnosis of epilepsy, neurological prescription of an anti-epileptic drug; absence of significant results even after three years of that therapy.
APPROACH: good hypnosis, training to gradually stabilize and normalize the general physiology.
RESULT: mitigated attacks; aftermaths (in the morning) no longer present after two sessions; disappearance of the usual tiredness and headache; frequency of the episodes decreased from 2-3 times per month to 1-2 times per month; just one mild attack in the next two months after the 4th session.
UPDATE (7 months): hypnosis interrupted at the 5th session because of the opposition of the neurologist (hostility against hypnosis, full disregard for the results, prescription of an increase of the anti-epileptic drug).

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