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20. Self-injuries

PERSON: mature man.
DESCRIPTION: temporary loss of the reason, dismay, crises, five years of psychoanalysis with very poor results, perverted and malign tendency to self-aggressions and self-injuries, deliberate lack of self-control and care; chain smoking, diabetes, too high levels of triglycerides and transaminases, eating of anti-depressant drugs "as they were candies", obsessive rituals, reactions of block, morbid fears.
APPROACH: indirect, because of the subject's suspicions; induction of a good amnesia in order to avoid any useless analysis; emotional release within 5 minutes, without any conscious awareness of the causes; subject's astonishment for the speed and intensity of his personal reactions.
RESULT: panic disappeared for an entire week after the first session; body weight decreased of about 2 kg; better eating regimen, anxiety under a good control; loss of 5 kg after the fifth and last session; smoking decreased down to 20% of the initial amount.
UPDATE (7 months): stable mood, no panic, no depression.

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