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19. Trauma (tortures)

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: too nervousness, ulcer, hemorrhoids, uncontrollable violence against his wife, abdomen able to become larger and larger within minutes for unknown reasons; vulgar and aggressive.
APPROACH: hypnosis induced gradually; violent reactions since the beginning; verbal menaces against me as soon as I raised a stick with my hand; production of hallucinations with his eyes open, flashes (linked to a lot of rage); hypnotic uncovering of many tortures (face near the stove, blows with a cane and bleeding, whips on the back); hypnotic utilization of the disturbing gesture: "I'm about to raise the stick, and you are about to go into a trance now, wanting or not. Stop me just a moment before the loss of control"; reaction of loss, disorientation, eye closure, screams while imploring compassion, absolute terror interrupted by the positioning of my smiling face in front of him; collapse on the chair, abundant transpiration; stick raised again into the air, but this time without subject's fear (just a sarcastic smile); abdomen with halved circumference.
RESULT: no more flashes, very little anxiety, less disturbing hemorrhoids, good relationship with his wife.
UPDATE (6 months): persistent well-being.

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