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17. Insomnia

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: insomnia, not curable with drugs because the man needs to be perfectly awake when driving trucks; 1-2 hours of sleep during the night; very tired appearance.
APPROACH: explanations about BRAC (Basic Rest-Activity Cycle), a fundamental biological rhythm that must be respected and put into a good phase with hypnosis; immediate induction, almost non verbal, with a rhythmical course; post-hypnotic suggestions and immediate dismissal; one session.
RESULT: nocturnal sleep immediately normal, so good that clock alarm has been ignored; request of another session in order to be sure that the effect can last.
UPDATE (2-3 years): normal sleep; after about 16 months, anti-stress session for his excessive work and the fear to become insomniac again; spontaneous entrance into a deep trance; sleep still normal and very satisfactory.

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