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15. Severe headache

PERSON: mature woman.
DESCRIPTION: ferocious headaches since some years; drugs weakly effective only when administered intra veins; ineffective attempts with experimental drugs, acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, and so on; physician's request of trying hypnosis against that daily, worsening headache.
APPROACH: handling of the deep distrust toward hypnosis; I told her that when I was presenting my hypnotic service to M.D.s, a physician said to me: "oh, you are one of those people that swing a pendulum in front of my eyes in order to steal my money"; then I demonstrated the hand-lock hypnotic routine, to show that one stays awake; hypnotic work started within the second session; rapid production of analgesia; completion of the hypnotic training.
RESULT: after the 5th session, pain absent for 12 days, followed by an attack for 24 hours; pain freedom for one month after the 6th session, with light episodes of pain clearly associated to her period and well tolerated.
UPDATE (6-7 months): complete freedom from pain.

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