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14. Block

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: emotional block during important social interactions (trembling legs, feelings of weakness, throat lump, fainting, tachycardia); refractory to psychotherapy and to drugs.
APPROACH: hypnotic work on physical reactions, without interest for the causes; training to modify the vasomotor, muscular, and nervous behavior by means of hypnosis; self-hypnosis training; hypnotic re-induction with a rapid technique, followed by an immediate suggestion: "stay as you are, and listen.. what a beautiful thing.. one day you will block yourself even in blocking yourself, and when you will be so blocked that even the block will be blocked, then you will be free"; immediate dismissal; single session.
RESULT: fast development (within few days) of the ability to block the problem at its beginning; excellent confidence and effectiveness during important social relationships.
UPDATE (5 years): full well-being, no more blocks.

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