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10. No school

PERSON: child (12 years).
DESCRIPTION: severe discomfort at school, longer and longer absences, risk of rejection and repetition of the year; psychotherapy attempted but ineffective.
APPROACH: single session; hypnosis offered as an useful learning; hypnotic games, not pertinent to her problem and devoid of suggestions; sudden, extremely resolute statement that "the problem is solved".
RESULT: astonishing discovery that at school her schoolmates don't make fun of her any longer; reappearing, few days later, of her morbid fears and refusals to go to school; phone call of her mother for a new appointment; date deliberately fixed by me at a distance of 15 days, in order to force the girl to handle the problem by herself; another phone call from her mother, few days before the appointment, to say that "all is solved; my daughter has said to us sadly that she has resigned herself to go to school everyday".
UPDATE (3 months): all right; regular attendance at school; well-being.

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