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4. Invalid anus

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: impossible defecation since five years after a haemorrhoidectomy (surgical damage proved by eco tomography, then claimed and compensated); lack of anal pushing, faeces as small as the little finger, low voluntary sphincter activity, paradoxical pubic-rectal muscle contraction, pelvic dissinergy; terrible pain during any attempt to defecate, need of a nurse intervention (finger insertion in the anus) to resolve the pain.
APPROACH: satisfactory indirect hypnosis induction; fake medical theories, tricks, several reminding post-it in the bathroom, programmed outlets of her rage; covert inductions and hypnotic attempts to recover as many as possible residual normal behaviors and memories of defecation.
RESULT: painless defecation after few sessions, no more need of nurse's help thanks to a "talking to feces" in order to have them go out; partial recovery of some evacuation pushing.
UPDATE (5 years): absence of rectal pain, partially restored rectal functionality.

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